Use Google Analytics to keep track on performance of 3D assets from Fibbl

September 15, 2022

Use Google Analytics to keep track on performance of 3D assets from Fibbl

AR technology and 3D-models hold a promise of significantly impacting business results. But how do we measure this? This blog is focusing on how our customers can validate the value created from using Fibbl services, using their existing Google Analytics implementation.

Implementing 3D product images on your e-commerce and web site holds promises of increasing customer engagement and improving conversion. But how do you know for sure? And how do you optimize the result. Obviously the answer is: you measure.

‍Since most businesses are using Google Analytics, we have provided an easy way for you to integrate your existing Google Analytics setup to measure events related to 3D assets provided by Fibbl. By making this data available to your GA account, you can configure customer journeys and reports to analyze customer engagement and conversion driving the business impact of your AR strategy.

Please note – Google Universal Analytics requires that you use Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Fibbl Google analytics integration supports both Google Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4.

We measure three things:

  • Number of times Fibbl 3D & AR technology is loaded on your site.
  • Number of times Fibbl 3D & AR technology is viewable on your site.
  • Number of times end user is interacting with Fibbl 3D & AR technology (clicks on buttons)


To learn more and dive into the specifics on how to integrate – please check out this support blog.

The blog also contains instructive videos on how to hands-on get it done.

Do not miss out on our serie of blogs telling the story of how fashion brands are using Fibbl services to harvest the value of AR and 3D models – read more here.

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