MessyWeekend is leveraging 3D & Virtual Try On

October 13, 2022

MessyWeekend is leveraging 3D & Virtual Try On in e-commerce and marketing

‍MessyWeekend is part of the hungry generation, passionate about breaking down barriers. Their business focus is on providing a variety of eyewear, highlighting Scandinavian minimalism and backed by their commitment to design and quality, serving increasingly sophisticated and well-informed customers.

‍Having their own e-commerce as their commercial backbone, they experienced an average session time jump of close to 100%, using 3d-models served by Fibbl. Drilling further, data revealed an improved conversion rate of more than 30%, and the bounce rate dropped by more than 55%. Google Analytics’ probability conversion estimate indicated a close to 44% uplift.

Living their passion, MessyWeekend redesigned their e-commerce solution, going “3D-first” and expanding products supporting an AR shopping experience.‍

Fibbl is integrated into any e-commerce platform in minutes, with a simple and fully customizable embed script that is copied and pasted once on the global product detail page template.

“Fibbl has become a great partner and a big part of our strategy in 2022. They helped us tackle the challenge of our customers doubting the size and fit of the sunglasses. Now they can make their purchase with more confidence.

The numbers speak for themselves. Conversion rate, bounce rate, and return rate are significantly improved when the try-on is involved. Our collaboration on social media helps us to engage with our customers on a whole new level. We are looking forward to growing together in the future.”

‍- Christine Reil, Director of e-commerce.

Data from Google Analytics:

+31% conversion rate for e-commerce

+43% probability of conversion

+91% session length

-55% bounce rate

March 27 – 2024
February 29 – 2024