360 viewer for shoes

Create business impact
with a 360 viewer

We have helped numerous companies go live with a 360 viewer and learned the principle of simplicity. In fact, it’s a great feature to start with as it has a proven track record of increased conversions and sales when implemented on PDP’s.

Success Case

Dutch shoe brand Nubikk integrated a 360 viewer with a prominent Call to Action on their product pages to reduce product uncertainties. Their test led to a 16% uplift in transactions on both mobile and desktop, and 21% uplift in visitors to “checkout.” Discover all the wins below!

Nubikks Offical Product Page

Best in Class User Experience


We turn your shoes into 3D models

The Fibbl Arc scans your shoes using photogrammetry in a fully automated process that turns your shoes into 3D models in a heartbeat.



Fibbl on your e-commerce

Integrate a simple script on your e-commerce to start using 3D experiences on your PDP’s. The script also integrates with your existing marketing stack.



Test performance to optimize sales

Team up with our CSM team to better understand how 3D technology creates business impact and increase the customer experience.


Get expert advice

Book a 15-minute evaluation meeting where we give you tailored recommendations, valuable insights and documents to share internally with stakeholders.