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3D Production Pipeline

We offer large-scale 3D production of your footwear, with swift distribution to your brand’s product pages,
so you can elevate your online sales by improving your customer experience.

For Footwear Brands of all sizes

Affordable 3D Production
Pipeline on Scale


We turn your shoes into 3D models

The Fibbl Arc scans your shoes using photogrammetry in a fully automated process that turns your shoes into 3D models in a heartbeat.



Fibbl on your e-commerce

Integrate a simple script on your e-commerce to start using 3D experiences such as Virtual Try On for Shoes on your PDP’s.



Test performance to optimize sales

Team up with our CSM team to better understand how 3D technology creates business impact and increase the customer experience.


3D production to improve
customer experience

There are plenty of reasons for your footwear brand to consider a scalable and swift 3D production pipeline when you’re thinking of implementing 3D on your e-commerce platform. Here’s a short list of some of the benefits you may leverage.

Personalized Virtual Try-Ons: Implement 3D production to create realistic virtual try-ons, allowing customers to visualize and virtually try on different shoe styles. This enhances the online shopping experience and helps customers make informed decisions.

360-Degree Product Views: Utilize 3D technology to provide customers with a 360-degree view of your footwear. This allows them to examine the product from all angles, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the design, materials, and overall quality.

Enhance Product Accuracy: Utilize 3D scanning technology to offer a more precise representation of your product, both in real life and online. Our tests with clients have shown that minimizing discrepancies in the product experience significantly reduces returns. This not only contributes to a positive customer experience but also enables more informed shopping decisions.

Interactive Product Showcases: Create interactive 3D showcases that highlight the unique features and craftsmanship of your footwear. Engage customers with an immersive experience, providing detailed insights into the design process, materials used, and the story behind each pair. This adds depth to the customer’s connection with the brand.

Get expert advice

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Episode 1:
Boosting conversions with 3D

Learn best practices from the real success stories of the Dutch footwear brand Nubikk and industry expert Michael Slagman as we delve into the impactful use of 3D in boosting engagement and conversions. Gain hands-on advice and actionable tips that you can immediately apply to elevate your footwear brand’s online presence.

Episode 2:
The Benefits of going 3D first

Join our talk with Robbie Thompson, founder & CEO of London-based Zach Footwear, as he reflects on the benefits of going 3D-first and how this unique approach reduced their returns by a stunning 29%. Learn how small/medium footwear brands now can compete with the largest brands out there.