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We believe in a world where the digital product experience exceeds the one of the physical world. Our mission is to create the world’s largest database of photorealistic 3D assets from consumer brands, providing innovative display technologies with content and seamless integrations to any digital platform – enabling smarter consumer decisions worldwide.

Our story
According to market research, the use of 3D models and Augmented Reality in e-commerce and marketing, leads to a massive rise in conversions, an unparalleled reduction in returns, and an increase in user engagement. Yet, few brands or retailers are embracing this opportunity.‍ We asked ourselves why.‍

The simple answer is the cost of producing 3D models and the lack of market maturity. When you also add in the complexity created by competing technologies and evolving formats, the obstacles facing brands looking to deploy thousands of photorealistic 3D product content across their sales channels, retailers, and marketing platforms become overwhelming.‍

The market needs an aggregator and distributor – that’s why we started Fibbl.

‍We leverage the potential of 3D and AR at scale and manage technological complexities across distribution networks. We reduce costs across brands, retailers, marketing agencies, and enable new and revolutionary pricing models.

‍We offer a subscription-based pricing model and swift distribution with a single integration from our SaaS platform — making 3D models both available and affordable. Our pricing strategy is applicable for fashion products with a large number of resellers – primarily for shoes & glasses today. But we are only getting started.

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