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3D FIRST – top fashion brands are leveraging 3D models and AR to improve e-commerce

2001 Amazon launched their first mobile website and the concept “mobile first” became a mantra in e-commerce. Are we now witnessing the start of “3D-first”? This is the first blog in a series telling the Fibbl-story and how well-known fashion brands are leveraging the power of 3D in their e-commerce. This first blog will explain why this is a real possibility.

‍20 years after Amazon launched their mobile web, (early 2021) we at Fibbl came up with an idea that has been adopted by more than 20 well known fashion brands in less than 12 months. We support fashion brands and retailers with interactive and photorealistic 3D content for their e-commerce.

‍Why are e-commerce turning to 3D-models? We will get to that further down in this blog, but first, let us focus on the problems the industry has struggled with, using 3D-models.

‍If you know the basics about the production of high quality 3D models you know that this is a fairly expensive and complicated process. Also, juggling the challenge of managing massive high resolution data files with limitations of bandwidth, using mobile phones in e-commerce, has proven close to “black magic” and does not scale industrially.

‍Fibbl’s way of addressing this is based on three very specific features:

  • ‍Completely hassle-fee. Implement a script on your site and you will have access to all 3D models
  • We figured out the black magic
  • Our business model

‍As always, the road from idea to where we are today has been far from a straight line, but we have been progressing well. Our goal is to create the world’s largest database of photorealistic 3D models from fashion brand products. As of writing this post we have a couple of thousand products and are growing rapidly. The hassle-free implementation is something we will let our customers tell you about in our blogs – they love it! The “black magic” is our own secret and finally, the business model is up and running on our initial target product segment: shoes. No up front investment – just implement the script and you can use the Fibbl Product management system to toggle 3D images on/off on your site and pay 1 euro per shoe and month.

Using the Fibbl plattform, you have easy access to probably the world’s largest database of fashion product 3D-models. The platform allows you to search products, add products to your account and toggle-on the models you choose to have active on your e-commerce site. When activating a product you can choose one or all of our different technology options: Interactive 3D models, AR product images, AR-viewer and Virtual Try-On. You only pay for models toggled-on – 1€ per model and month.

So, why would e-commerce vendors of fashion brands care? Here is why:

‍Well established research has documented astonishing improvement in both conversion and return rates using photorealistic 3D models

  • Level of user interaction simply sky-rockets with 3D powered content
  • 3D models enables powerful AR and “virtual try on” applications
  • New advertising formats are already here and they require 3D models
  • E-commerce retailers have an opportunity to cut “time-to-market” in the very seasonal driven fashion market, since 3d-models enable “virtual studio” production of marketing and product imagery – that is money in your pocket!
  • 3D models are a prerequisite for your metaverse strategy, totally independently of what it is and when you plan to get started.

‍So, at Fibbl we hope that you will find the stories of our customers inspiring and interesting. Our plan is to feature 10 brands and retailers. First 5 are: Björn BorgNorthwaveNellySportland and Kavat.

‍Are you not convinced about the importance of having a 3D strategy – do not miss out on this excellent blog/infographic produced by Snap Inc.

And, of course – check out fibbl.com! Set up a demo or just dive into it by setting up an account here.

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