Fibbl for marketing – the easy way to get started with 3D & AR marketing

Fibbl makes AR marketing easier than ever

Creating immersive 3D and AR experiences in marketing is now easier than ever. Fibbl just launched new solutions for marketing which unlocks new marketing opportunities for brands and retailers. This blog describes why you should care and what Fibbl for marketing is all about.

Back in 2020, ARInsider told the story of booming media spend in what they called Mobile AR Advertising. They projected +5 billion USD in advertising revenue for next year (2023). And here we are. So, you might just ask yourself – are your business leveraging this opportunity? If not, why?

‍If you have not yet leveraged the opportunity to integrate AR in marketing it’s most likely due to two reasons:

1) You are not aware of the fact that Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, Pinterest, TikTok has different AR formats ready to be leveraged.

2) The process of producing photorealistic 3D models is expensive and complicated.

Fibbl for marketing is a new offering beyond our existing solution Fibbl for e-commerce. By system support to a certain degree, and managed services, we provide a hassle-free, easy to use and unparalleled pricing model – €1 per model per month. Here is some examples of use cases Fibbl for marketing enables:

AR Marketing On Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat And TikTok

These apps have all added support for end consumers to explore and try products directly in their apps. To demonstrate a use case, take a look at our customer MessyWeekend who have created Virtual Try-on filters on Instagram of their best selling glasses. Now everyone can try their glasses before making a purchase, like in a physical store.

Here is an example with one of MessyWeekends influencers that is using a Virtual Try On filter on Instagram. You can instantly click “try” and test same glasses as influencer is modeling. Scan the QR code and try for yourself!

AR Marketing In Email And SMS

All our technologies can also be integrated into email and SMS marketing in the shape of buttons and links. It is only the imagination that sets limits on how it can be used. For example, you can integrate a button that opens the Augmented Reality Placement experience from a regular product listing in a traditional newsletter. Or you can send an abandoned cart SMS that encourages the recipient to try on the shoes before they eventually recover the cart.

3D Marketing With Google Swirl

You can say what you want about traditional banner advertising. But Google now supports a format that allows your potential customers to spin and discover the product, directly from a banner ad. All 3D models from Fibbl can be usable with Google Swirl.

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