Fibbl participation in RealTime Conference 2022 – industrialized 3D content production – view the video!

Fibbl – Industrialized 3D Content Production At RealTime Conference 2022

Fibbl was invited to participate in RealTime Conference 2022 to talk about the concept “3D first” and how Fibbl has industrialized 3D content production. View the 10 min video below.

Joakim Tennfors, Head of 3D Production at Fibbl

“3D is not something new that we want to tack on at the end. Instead we start by producing a high quality 3D model as the foundation for the entire content production”

“We strongly believe it is our duty, as an industry, to make these technologies accessible to everyone. Retailers see 3D content as problematic, difficult and expensive. By solving the problems they are facing today, producing visual content, you also pave the way for the future”

Learn more about Fibbl’s “3D first” concept here.

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