Fibbl successfully closes a SEK 47M investment round

We accelerate our business by securing SEK 47M investment round

The internet is becoming more three-dimensional. At the forefront of technology and driving immersive experiences, big tech players such as Meta, Google, Snap, and Apple are pushing the boundaries further and further. Many fashion brands are currently exploring end-to-end digital design and manufacturing, trying to find their place in the new world of 3D first.

Despite the ongoing revolution, it is easy to conclude that e-commerce remains largely unchanged since the 1990s, relying primarily on text and 2D images. This is especially surprising since companies like Shopify and Google have released research supporting clear improvements in conversion rates and a reduction in returns using 3D based solutions.

Here’s What We Believe

The primary reason online shopping relies on only text and images, is because of the challenge in converting fashion industry products into 3D models. The second reason is the challenge of distributing 3D models and AR experiences to end consumers.

Major brands occasionally create remarkable and stylish campaigns. Nevertheless, these endeavors often stem from the marketing department’s allocation of substantial resources to craft unique experiences.

Unfortunately, these campaigns and their associated assets rarely extend to encompass all their products and resellers. To simplify, the 3D assets remain confined to their original project framework, which leads to our third reason. This way of working is not scalable.

Innovating In Three Dimensions

We want to change this for good. Here’s how:

– We take great pride in having the fastest and most scalable method of producing photorealistic 3D models.

– We have solved the complexity of distributing 3D models, enabling brands, resellers, and end-users to benefit from a 3D experience.

– We introduce a truly sustainable subscription model by building the world’s largest database of photorealistic 3D models – open for all brands and resellers to connect to.

Announcing Investment Round

Today, we are proud to announce that Fibbl will accelerate its business by securing a SEK 47M investment round. We extend our thanks to our investors, both longstanding and new. This investment is led by Industrifonden, with prominent investment angels supporting us, including founding investor Pontus Lindwall, John Wattin, and our new investors Göran and Henrik Garvner.

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