How Fibbl works – implementing 3D



How Fibbl works – implementing 3D

Fibbl integrates with your existing e-commerce and marketing stack with a simple script, allowing you to showcase your footwear in a full-on 3D experience for your customers. It is a one-time integration. We also produce the 3D models for you as we work end-to-end. Here’s how it practically works:

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About the Fibbl-script
The Fibbl script integrates into any e-commerce platform. In fact, when you have your 3D models in place, this script is all you need to start leveraging a 3D experience on your site. The script is implemented once on the global product detail page template, and then dynamically displayed or hidden on the respective product detail pages.

Good to know
If one of your products has Fibbl 3D content, it will be displayed. If not, it will not be displayed. This is always the case unless you’ve intentionally unpublished a specific product in our system or disabled a specific technology for a product — actions you have complete control over using the Fibbl platform.

Here are some commonly asked questions from our existing customers that might be useful for you:

How long does it take to implement Fibbl?
The majority of our clients have managed to implement and release the script to production in less than a day. See full documentation regarding the implementation here. The script is straightforward, and you always have complete control over its display on your website. The majority of our clients simply add buttons that trigger the 3D, AR, or VTO experiences with a click. See how to embed buttons here.

Can I decide which models and 3D features I want to display on my website?
Yes! The script serves all available Fibbl technologies (images, videos, 3D, AR, VTO) and you control which product should have what technologies directly from the Fibbl platform.

How does Fibbl’s content work in relation to my other visual product content?
Essentially, in the exact way you want it. The majority of our customers integrate a so-called “3D First component” which places itself as a layer above your existing product images, and a separate button that triggers either the Virtual Try-on or AR Placement feature. See it in action on one of our customers pages here.

Do you have any clients that are currently live with Fibbl technology?
Yes! A whole bunch actually. Discover some of them and their business results in our article section.

What if I change my mind? How can I un-implement Fibbl?
No problem at all. Just remove the script and you go back to your original 2D setup.

How do I proceed if the products I sell are in your database?
If we already have 3D models in our database that match your product inventory, it’s ready to be integrated and displayed on your store as soon as you have implemented the script. Request Access to the World’s Largest Database of 3D Models for Fashion and Sports. When you have access you simply browse our database of models, assign them to your account and distribute them to your e-commerce.

How do I proceed if the products I sell are not in your database?
We are currently building the world’s largest database of 3D Models, but there will be cases where we are missing content on specific products which you may want to access. If that is the case, reach out to one of our experts and we help you organize the creation of the 3D models.

Does the Fibbl script affect the performance of our website?
Yes, a tiny bit – as any content on any website. However, the content is only loaded when your users actually click on the technology because they want to see it.

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