Project Description


How to increase engagement and purchase with 3D generated videos


average sales compared to non-3D emails


CTR compared to
non-3D emails


uplift in RPC
(Revenue Per Click)

After successfully testing the 360 viewer on several product pages with great results, Nubikk decided to incorporate 3D generated videos (GIFs) into their email marketing to boost engagement and drive more clicks to their product pages.

Nubikk’s assets

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The Dutch shoe brand Nubikk has been dedicated to improving our footwear since 2012. In addition to the online shop, email marketing plays a significant role, accounting for 10% of the revenue. Encouraged by the successful tests on their product pages using Fibbl’s 360 viewer, Nubikk and our Customer Success Team once again partnered to provide Nubikk’s customers with a more visual basis to help them make better purchase decisions.

“Fibbl encourages us to improve and has become as close as colleagues by now. The technology itself is excellent and straightforward to implement, making it a no-brainer for us.”

/Michael Slagman, E-commerce Manager, Nubikk.

The hypothesis

By utilizing 3D-generated videos (GIFs) in campaign emails showcasing the shoes in 360 degrees, Nubikk’s customers will gain a better idea of the product, resulting in more users visiting the website and making a purchase. We integrated 3D-generated videos into four emails and initiated testing, benchmarking them against four emails without this feature, which only included images.

Test format

Testing channel: Email
Testing feature: 3D-generated videos (GIFs)

Test results

The email A/B tests aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of incorporating 3D generated videos in Nubikk’s email campaigns. After 3 months of testing (April – July, 2023) our initial hypothesis showed promising results with a general CTR uplift of 4,39% for emails with 3D generated videos, compared to those without. Here’s a full breakdown of the results:

  • Emails with 3D videos showed an uplift of 8,10% in average sales compared to non-3D emails.
  • Emails featuring 3D videos showed an uplift of 4,39% in CTR compared to non-3D emails.
  • The 3D emails also resulted in a 3,32% uplift in RPC (Revenue Per Click).
  • Nubikk showed that recipients who engaged with the 3D content showed a higher propensity to make a purchase.
  • In theory, if Nubikk implements 3D generated videos (GIFs) in all their emails and keep the frequency of 2 emails a week, they could increase their yearly revenue in the channel by large numbers.