Footwear brands running Shopify ecommerce – do not miss out!



Footwear brands running Shopify ecommerce – do not miss out!

If you are a footwear brand using the Shopify platform, or if you are a Shopify service provider and have footwear brands as customers – this article is for you. Written and curated by Fibbl CMO Patrik von Bergen.

Shopify has long supported 3D features on their platform, but until now, without notable success. That will all change soon. Today, Fibbl have more than 20 footwear brands live on Shopify, each offering a comprehensive range of 3D experiences. Some even lead with a cutting-edge 3D/AR experience – a concept we call ‘3D-First’!

3D-First – leading with 3D
The concept we call ‘3D-First’ explains itself quite easily. It simply means leading with a 3D experience on your e-commerce, before the more classic approach leading with 2D imagery.

A great example of this is the French footwear brand No Name, which replicates the in-store customer experience, but online. Similar to a physical store, you can now examine a product you’re interested in, pick it up, turn it, twist it, and even try it on before making an informed decision to purchase the shoe.

At Fibbl, we are arguing that no other service provider can offer this service at scale and at a price point that all footwear brands can afford. Most consumers agree that this is very cool, but if you are pragmatic, you probably want to understand the business rationale for doing this.

What is the value?
We break down the value into three areas:

1) Improved e-commerce – by reducing returns and improving conversion. Check out this example:

2) Improved efficiency – by using your 3D models as product images and replace traditional photo shoots and video production. Learn how GANT saved 50% in time and money here:

3) Better marketing – except for use on your e-commerce platform, use your  3D models to create spectacular CGI-powered concepts and feed your content engine with 3D/AR experiences. Here’s a great example:

How does it work?
It is easier than you can imagine, both for the footwear brand and for the Shopify implementation partner. Start with shipping your shoes to us. We scan your shoe to create a photorealistic 3D model.

Once the model is created it is uploaded to our 3D/AR Enablement Platform. Our platform offers automatic compatibility across all channels, devices, and formats for every 3D model we produce, laying the foundation for delivering an exceptional customer experience on your e-commerce. You simply access our platform and integrate a script on your Shopify platform. This takes minutes, not hours. Once the script is integrated you are live and free to toggle on/off 3D/AR Experiences from the 3D/AR Enablement Platform. Our goal is to have a customer up and running within 3 weeks from the day we receive the shoes.

Your next question is probably cost
Fibbl services operate on a subscription model, where you pay per month. If you’re hesitant, we often offer a trial period, ensuring that the investment is capped at a reasonable level. Pricing starts at €1,000/month and includes up to 50 pairs of shoes.

Patrik von Bergen
CMO at Fibbl

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