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From a gimmick to 52% uplift in transactions using Virtual Try On

The Dutch shoe brand Nubikk consistently enhances the visual product and customer experience on their e-commerce platform using 3D technology. This time, they integrated Virtual Try-On features to drive transactions. Here are the results!

Nubikk’s assets

Nubikk has been striving to enhance footwear since 2012. Their ongoing commitment to improving quality extends to their online presence, ensuring high quality and delivering a first-class customer experience that facilitates smarter consumer decisions. Nevertheless, E-commerce Manager Michael Slagman initially considered Virtual Try-On to be nothing more than a fun gimmick.

– Virtual Try-On isn’t flawless. For instance, the technology performs better when only wearing socks. Similarly, looser-fitting jeans present challenges. However, there are specific scenarios where the technology excels, such as standing, or in front of a mirror when trying new sneakers with an outfit. Considering these factors, we questioned whether this was something worth pursuing. Ultimately, we chose to test it, says Michael Slagman, E-commerce Manager at Nubikk.

The hypothesis
Michael and his team operated under the hypothesis that Virtual Try-On had previously shown positive indications, despite lacking concrete data. The primary question they needed to address was: How could they boost the usage of the Virtual Try-On feature to determine its effectiveness? To achieve this, the team opted for a new UI design intended to increase user discovery of the feature and drive more purchases.

Test setup
The new UI design, specifically crafted to enhance engagement with Nubikk’s Virtual Try-On feature on product detail pages, began with a simple question: ‘Curious how it fits you?’ It then demonstrated how the VTO feature works in practice, culminating with a ‘Try on’ button. This redesigned UI differed significantly from the previous version, notably in the additional information it provided, as the prior design solely featured a ‘Try on’ button.

Test strategy
Michael and his team made the strategic decision to display the old UI design to 50% of the website visitors, serving as a control group, and to showcase the new UI to the remaining 50% of website visitors.

The team decided to conduct the test before January, anticipating the busiest time after the holiday season. Hence, running an A/B test during Black Friday and the Christmas holidays was the perfect window to ensure the significance of test data, given the high volume of purchases during this period. The team didn’t have to wait long to validate their thesis, as the test gained traction around Black Friday.

Test results
After 38 days of testing (November 8, 2023 – December 16, 2023) the initial hypothesis of how Nubikk could boost the usage of the Virtual Try-On feature to determine its effectiveness, turned out very positive.

  • 52 % uplift in purchases
    The test group experiencing the new UI design showed an uplift in increased purchases of 52 %, compared to the control group experiencing the old UX.
  • 12 % increase in CTR
    Nubikk observed a 12% increase in click-through rate within the test group using the new UI design, compared to the control group, which experienced the Virtual Try-On (VTO) with the old UX.


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