Webinar Episode 2: The Benefits of Going 3D-First



Webinar Episode 2: The Benefits of Going 3D-First

On this episode:

Join our talk with Robbie Thompson, founder & CEO of London-based Zach Footwear, as he reflects on how small/medium footwear brands can succeed in using 3D and compete with the largest brands out there in terms of customer experience. This webinar is particularly interesting as we, together with Robbie, introduce a new concept called ‘3D-first.’ Learn what it means and how this unique approach, from one of the earliest adopters of 3D/AR technology for footwear, reduced their returns by a stunning 29%!

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As the internet turns three-dimensional, challenges and opportunities follow in its path. Join our webinars where we explore how this ongoing shift shapes the online presence for footwear brands today and what benefits it will reap tomorrow.

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