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For High Heels & Stilettos

Uncover the exciting possibilities and numerous advantages of crafting images directly from 3D models.
This approach has the potential to revolutionize your work in the realm of high heels and stilettos.

Photographing High Heels & Stilettos – The Traditional Way

Let’s start with traditions – the most common process of product image production, and how it’s usually done. This traditional approach often involves significant time, effort, and expenses. Obviously, there’s more than one way to tie a knot, and traditional product photography of high heels and stilettos isn’t any different. The process varies, as you may have firsthand experience with, but let’s be general. This is more or less how the process looks like.

Here are some of the most common downsides of this traditional approach of making killer heels photos:

Limited Interactivity: Traditional product images lack interactivity, preventing customers from exploring different angles or trying on shoes virtually, limiting the online shopping experience.

Size and Fit Uncertainty: Static images make it challenging for customers to accurately gauge the size and fit of shoes, leading to potential dissatisfaction and a higher likelihood of returns.

Inability to Showcase Details: Important details, such as texture, material, or intricate design elements, may not be effectively communicated through static images, potentially hindering informed purchasing decisions.

Difficulty in Visualizing Styling: Customers often struggle to visualize how a pair of shoes complements their overall style, as traditional images may not capture the desired aesthetic or how the shoes pair with different outfits.

Limited Emotional Connection: Static images may fail to evoke the emotional connection that customers often experience in physical stores, where they can touch and feel products. This can impact brand loyalty and customer engagement.

High Heels & Stilettos Photo Shoot – The New Approach

Next we explore how the process of high heel photography could be done in another way. No matter if you’re all about getting the perfect shot of those red stiletto’s  or photographing killer heels, with the advent of 3D generated product images, your brand now have the opportunity to streamline and modernize this process, unlocking new dimensions in visual storytelling and customer experience. 3D also allows your customers to experience your product online in a way that previously only been possible in a physical store. What does this process look like? Here’s how:


Send us your heels

Send us your high heels or stilettos, and we will turn them into a 3D model.



Style Guide Settings

Once your 3D model is created, we set up a custom image template base on your brand’s style guide.



Go live!

Upon template approval, we generate product images from your 3D model for you to publish across your channels.


How to get the images on your PDP

One-time Integration

Fibbl integrates with your existing e-commerce and marketing stack using a simple script. Listen to our CTO, Christian Kaunissaar, explaining how to implement and go live with your 3D model on your e-commerce.

Experience your heels in 3D

Explore the authenticity of your high heels/Stilettos with a free trial.

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