Customer Success Manager

  • Department: Customer Success
  • Reports to: Head of CS
  • HR Responsibility: No
  • Budget: No

About Fibbl

Online shopping has pretty much looked the same since the 90s. Consumers are expected to make a good purchase decision based on images and text. We think it's absurd.

Fibbl is on a mission to redefine how products are experienced online, by offering mass production of 3D models to brands and providing innovative display technologies to any digital platform.

We were founded in 2021, have approximately 20 employees, have more than 6,000 3D models in our database and deliver 3D and AR experiences to +50 brands. Try the technology yourself here:

About you

You enjoy a rollercoaster ride of innovation, where every day’s a new adventure filled with twists, turns, and the occasional loop-the-loop. Think fast-paced changes, a sprinkle of chaos, and a whole lot of fun. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but if you're the kind who wears change like a badge of honor, we might just be a match made in heaven.

Before you hit that "Apply" button, let's see if you're ready to:

  • Pour your heart into what you do, because making e-commerce awesome for everyone gets us out of bed in the morning.
  • Chase after growth like it's the last bus of the night – we're all about getting better, faster, and stronger.
  • Keep pace with our sprint; we measure time in achievements, not calendar dates.
  • Find your footing when the ground shifts beneath you – ambiguity is our playground.
  • Speak up, stand out, and shake things up. Different opinions make us stronger, and we're all about moving forward, together (we expect you to be fluent in English).
  • Embrace a digital-first lifestyle, because our work (and a fair bit of our play) happens online.

If you're nodding along and can't wait to dive into a bit of organized chaos, Fibbl's looking for someone just like you. Let's make some waves together!

About the role

Our Customer Success team acts as strategic advisors and operational wizards for all our high-growth, high-volume Fibbl customers. As a Customer Success Manager, you are so much more than a traditional Account Manager.

It will be essential that you are passionate about the success of our customers, and that you leverage your role to help our merchants meet their goals. You will do this through developing strong relationships with your customers, and providing them with recommendations on how to build and implement the right tactics to enhance their 3D strategy and move their business forward.

You will be responsible for a smooth and successful onboarding and implementation of our core product, and then a continued journey based on their unique needs, where it’s all about how the customer can benefit from a 3D First way of thinking in everything they do – e-com, marketing, production, B2B sales, etc. Collaboration closely with colleagues from our sales, production and tech team, you’ll ensure the effective adoption of these solutions, further empowering customers to grow and advance their 3D strategy.

With a focus on performance, you’ll also be expected to consistently work towards and meet monthly targets, demonstrating your commitment to achieving both personal and organizational goals.

Your responsibilities will include

  • Be the Fibbl superconnector: Serve as cross-functional leader across Fibbl – to ensure a unified, seamless and unparalleled customer experience.
  • Help customers flourish: Dive in with our customers to map out their dreams and goals. Then, arm them with personalized, step-by-step game plans to turn those dreams into reality.
  • Spot and polish opportunities: Keep an eye out for ways to level up their game, whether that’s getting cozy with new products or rolling out the latest Fibbl features. We're all about finding the smartest ways to get 3D work better for them.
  • Be their go-to guru: Cultivate strong bonds with our customers, becoming the trusted confidant they turn to for advice on how to bloom and keep their business thriving with 3D.
  • Be their champion inside Fibbl: Team up with our own Fibbl squads to make sure our customers' voices are heard loud and clear, championing their needs and making things happen.
  • Master the market pulse: Show off your savvy with the latest trends shaking up the industry, ensuring our customers are always a step ahead.

Bonus point for

  • Proven experience in SaaS account management.
  • Experience in e-commerce and marketing; basic understanding of the complex ecosystem with many moving parts, so that you can speak the same language as the customer.
  • Technical aptitude – quick to develop a deep understanding of new software.
  • Proven ability to analyse complex situations and drive goals & action plans to lead customers to achieve their key objectives.