Micam 3D Challenge

We produced over 100 shoe models in 3D during the event

Step 1

We borrowed your shoe

Step 2

We scanned the shoe and turned it into a 3D model

Step 3

We send you four 3D/AR experiences to your phone and email

Explore the results on MICAM 3D Challenge Catalog page!

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Get a unique 3D experience

Creating 3D/AR experiences is often considered challenging, but at Micam X, we proved that notion wrong – live! We boldly claimed that we could produce one hundred 3D shoe models during the event (September 17-20), and we succeeded, delivering over one hundred 3D shoe models. Contact us now to get your own unique 3D experience.

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360 viewer (3D)

Virtual Try On

AR placement

2D images

Product animation video (3D)

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Cost 0€
(we need to borrow your shoe though)