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Episode 1:
Boosting conversions with 3D

Learn best practices from the real success stories of the Dutch footwear brand Nubikk and industry expert Michael Slagman as we delve into the impactful use of 3D in boosting engagement and conversions. Gain hands-on advice and actionable tips that you can immediately apply to elevate your footwear brand’s online presence.

Episode 2:
The Benefits of going 3D first

Join our talk with Robbie Thompson, founder & CEO of London-based Zach Footwear, as he reflects on the benefits of going 3D-first and how this unique approach reduced their returns by a stunning 29%. Learn how small/medium footwear brands now can compete with the largest brands out there in terms of customer experience.

The Fibbl script seamlessly integrates into any e-commerce platform, serving as your sole requirement to unlock a 3D experience on your site. Implemented once on the global product detail page template, it dynamically appears or remains hidden on respective product detail pages according to your choosing.

The majority of our clients have managed to implement and release the script to production in less than a day. See full documentation regarding the implementation here. The script is straightforward, and you always have complete control over its display on your website. The majority of our clients simply add buttons that trigger the 3D, AR, or VTO experiences with a click. See how to embed buttons here.

If one of your products has Fibbl 3D content, it will be displayed. If not, it will not be displayed. This is always the case unless you’ve intentionally unpublished a specific product in our system or disabled a specific technology for a product — actions you have complete control over using the Fibbl platform.

How to implement 3D on your e-commerce

Listen to our CTO, Christian Kaunissaar, explaining how to implement and go live with your 3D experience for an immersive e-commerce.

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